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I'm a web developer, currently focused in the front end development.

I've worked as full-stack developer based mostly in Java technologies (Struts, Spring, JSF, Hibernate) but I worked also with Node.js and Express.js in the backend, and experience with NoSQL and SQL databases.

Working as full-stack implied to work a lot also with the web foundations (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript) what appealed to me to focus basically in the frontend side. Specially with React (and other related packages like Redux, Styled-components, GatsbyJS or NextJs) and the insides of Javascript language.

This is a hub site for all the sites meaningful to describe myself as Web developer.

Please navigate through all the sections exposed here to know more about me.


My résumé

My résumé. This is an interactive CV application built with Angular bind to a Firebase database. 

Here you can navigate through an overall of my experience but also in the details of the projects I've been working during my career as well as other training courses I've went through.

Check out for my experience


Web dev notes

Web dev notes is my blog where I write about web development and especially about front end development. 

I was writing some posts for a while and I'm updating it not as frequently as I would wish. I've many draft posts pending to be edited and finally published so stay tuned if you want to read them.

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A Phaser game connected to the info of my CV

I like videogames, especially the ones which tell you a story (I don't have enough time and I'm not skilled enough to enjoy online competitive games, but still trying from time to time).
As one of my experiments I worked with a game built with Phaser.js and React library. The content of the game is bind to the CV information stored in a Firebase database, the same I used in my interactive CV.
The target of the game is to unlock the content on it in an exploration kind of RPG game.

I'm still working on it so [... coming soon...]

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Feel free to contact me in any of these ways

I'm not in Facebook but I'm in Twitter and Linkedin. As a developer I've my accounts on Github, Bitbucket and Stackoverflow where you can discover more things about me and contact me in any of the following ways.